I love math, code, and dogs. (And a lot of other stuff, but it's too much to put here.)

I'm Anthony Pizzimenti, a political mapping analyst with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. My areas of interest are graph theory, combinatorial optimization, algebra (specifically commutative algebra, linear algebra, and algebraic graph theory), and algorithm design, especially as those apply to the study of gerrymandering. While at the University of Iowa, I worked with the Numerical, Parallel, and Optimization Algorithms Research Group, supervised by Dr. Suely Oliveira and Dr. David Stewart.

I am also a research partner with the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group. Working with Dr. Moon Duchin, we explore the problems of gerrymandering from a mathematical perspective. I also run our Twitter account.

Outside math, computer science, and work, I play hockey and love my two dogs, Kaya and Drew, who are both in the above slideshow :)

Here's my résumé and a link to my university website.